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#italianfood: The History Of Spaghetti

The History Of Spaghetti

There are many ways to say Made in Italy: through art, culture, fashion. However, Italy is also world-renowned for good food as well. Italian cuisine is known and appreciated all over the globe: there is no country in the world that has not tried to reproduce or imitate traditional Italian recipes. If you’ve just arrived in Italy or intend to stay for a while, there is one dish that you must try: spaghetti, which has become a symbol of our national heritage. But, where and when does spaghetti actually come from?

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Falling In Love In Florence Is “Sweet”. In The Words Of Dante!

san valentino a Firenze

Valentine's Day is coming up and every opportunity is good to talk about love and, why not, organize a romantic getaway. For those who live and study in our beautiful city, it is no secret that Florence is a magical place for those in love to spend this holiday, between walks on the Ponte Vecchio and breathtaking views from Piazzale Michelangelo. But that’s not all! In Florence, there is no square, riverside or architecture that is not permeated by the most poetic spirit of love, that gentile spirit sung by Guido Cavalcanti and Dante Alighieri, inspirators of the Dolce stil novo.

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Are You Studying In Florence? You Have To Try The Florentine Steak!

Florentine Steak

What is the best way to learn about Italian culture? Through food, of course! In Italy, every single city has its own culinary traditions, and Tuscany offers so many dishes that you will have to try. To start you off, we’ll tell you about the most famous dish that you will have the opportunity to taste if you come to study at AEF in Florence: the Florentine steak.

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