The city of Florence is a true three-dimensional history book of European art: that is why this course consists of lessons in the classroom as well as numerous tours and visits. The program will be established so as to represent an authentic artistic and cultural experience.

The History of Art course is designed to meet the needs and demands of the students: the lessons will always be held “on the field”, meaning in the streets and monuments of Florence which will be construed in a more general historical and artistic context. Florence represents the most effective living book of the history of art, the quickest and most effective way to get to know and learn about the monuments and works of art.

Students may choose between the “Group Course” Option and the “Individual Course” Option.

1. “Group Course” Option
Those who choose this option will explore one of the great themes of Art History, with particular reference to the countless masterpieces in Florence and Tuscany: Michelangelo , Leonardo , the Churches , the Palaces , the Macchiaioli , the Roman city , the Gardens, are just some examples of the immense cultural and artistic heritage that students will have at their fingertips. The program is constructed in order to form a true artistic and cultural experience.

Code Lessons Weeks Price

1 lesson: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Month Starting Date 2016 Ending Date 2016
01 04 January 29 January
02 01 February 26 February
03 29 February 25 March
04 04 April 29 April
05 02 May 27 May
06 30 May 23 June
07 27 June 22 July
08 25 July 19 August
09 22 August 16 September
10 19 September 14 October
11 24 October 18 November
12 21 November 16 December


Day Event
28 March - 1 April Spring Break
17 - 21 October Fall Break
19 - 31 December Christmas Break
6 January Epiphany
25 April Festa della Liberazione
02 June Festa della Repubblica
24 June Saint John Babtist (Patron Saint of Florence)
15 August Assumption
01 November All Saints' Day
08 December Immaculate Conception

2. “Individual Course” Option
This formula allows the student to construct the program directly with the teacher and adapt it to his/her individual training needs. The dates of the lectures will be coordinated with the academic secretary office:

Code Lessons Price

All prices are in Euros.
Registration fee of 70,00 Euro (valid for 12 months).
1 lesson: 45 minutes.

Teacher: Grazia Badino


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