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The course sets out from a theoretical introduction to the technique of clay modelling. Students will choose their subjects from a series of plaster models made available by the school.

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The course centers on the painting of the Macchiaioli, who were active in Tuscany during the Italian Risorgimento. These include, among others, Tommaso Fattori , Telemaco Signorini and Vincenzo Cabianca , whose works will be examined in class.

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The course objective is to provide the student with specific training to permit him/her to explore, describe and narrate reality through photographic images.

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Like the travellers of the 19th century, our students are encouraged to sketch ‘slices of life’ and views they find particularly interesting. Their materials go from ink to charcoal, from pastels to watercolour.

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The major course objective is to educate the eye to observe a subject in detail, to understand its proportions, its planes and its volumes in order to aid the hand in acquiring sufficient expertise to depict it.

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After having mastered the basics of use of colour and the techniques for rendering forms and contents, students go on to working directly on paper. 

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