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We like stories about food, stories about the people who produce it, the places and the traditions.

For this reason we have chosen not just a normal cooking school for you, instead it’s a place where the love of good food is fostered and where you will learn how to give the right value to food, how to recognise the diversity of the recipes and flavours and the variety of different products, and how to respect the rhythms of the seasons. Not only will you learn how to prepare the dishes in our classes, you will also go on an authentic journey into the world of flavours and quality!

Our offer is divided into four different modules. Each module is dedicated to a specific food and lasts about 3 hours, to which the time of having dinner must also be added.

The modules can be bought individually or as a package of 4 and the student can choose to have the chef at their complete disposition, or to be put in a group class. For group sign ups, the price per person is lower! Contact us

During the class, the recipes prepared will be agreed upon with the students in order to combine theoretical learning with practical preparation.


Let’s start with the essentials!
Every Italian meal starts with a good plate of pasta, but there are so many different kinds of pasta...
We’ll learn to recognise the thousands of types deriving from the creativity of the pasta makers, and how to distinguish durum wheat pasta from fresh pasta, how to cook it properly, how to choose the right sauce for the type of pasta, and finally, we’ll sit down all together and eat it!
The topics of the class will be:
fresh pasta, egg pasta (for example, fettuccine with Tuscan meat sauce) or stuffed pasta (for example, ravioloni stuffed with ricotta and fresh tomato), durum wheat pasta with its innumerable varieties of shapes and recipes.
Upon request, the class may also include the preparation of the most famous Italian dish in the world... pizza!
The topics of the class cover:
the dough base, the leavening, and the organoleptic characteristics. We then prepare classical pizzas according to tradition and eat them all together.

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We imagined taking our students to the market with us and the first question we asked ourselves was: how can we tell if a product is really fresh? Once we have chosen our fish, we’ll learn how to clean and fillet it, and then cook it in various ways.
We will propose two dishes made with the same type of fish, for example, an antipasto and a first course, one raw and one cooked, so that you can see the various preparations carried out with the same main ingredient.
There will be special focus on mackerel, sardines and anchovies, the true stars of the Mediterranean diet.

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In the Italian tradition, meat is used in the preparation of various versions of pasta sauces, or served as a second course, and it is often considered the main feature par excellence of a meal.
In a more contemporary interpretation, it can also be served at the table at different times and in different ways.
That’s why in our classes we will propose it to you as an antipasto, for example, in a classical steak tartare, and as a second course, in one of the thousands of possible recipes to be agreed upon in advance with the teachers.

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Every self-respecting meal must finish off with something sweet! We’ll learn some of the pastry-making techniques and experiment with seasonal flavours. Here are some of our proposals: raspberry chutney with sweet focaccia, and freshly-made jam tart. The lesson will be topped off with a good espresso and we’ll learn how to make real Italian coffee.

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The package is comprised of 4 modules, (Pasta and Pizza, Fish, Meat, Sweets and Desserts) and offers a complete overview of Italian cuisine. The student can choose to take all of the lessons in one week, (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) or over the course of 2, 3 or 4 weeks. To arrange a timetable, contact us

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F01GR121 - 4830

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All prices are in Euros.
Registration fee of 70,00 Euro (valid for 12 months).

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