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AEF Dance Certificate Program qualifies successful students to be recognized as performers with chorographical skills. The program also serves as an ideal basis from which to access a range of dance professions.
Supported by a rich artistic community and internationally recognized dance faculty, the AEF offers a distinctive program, which provides personal attention from experienced dance experts, excellent concert performance opportunities and modern studio spaces to give you the professional training and strong educational foundation you need to transform your passion for dance into a successful career.
A small student-to-faculty ratio ensures one-on-one guidance to help you develop your personal technique and talent. Students also have the opportunity to work with world-renowned dancers and choreographers.
Due to the increased interest in the program and our commitment to personal student attention, applicants are required to audition for admittance into the program.
Students will be evaluated by the dance faculty on the basis of previous training, alignment, maturity of movement, core support and potential. To prepare, you should receive ballet training with some classes in jazz and modern dance.

Our courses are offered in collaboration with Florence Dance Center

First Level: Foundation


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Music History and Literature I 4,5 3,0
Music Fundamentals 4,5 3,0
Music Theory I 3,0 2,0
Dance Techniques 6,0 4,0
Modern Dance Technique 1 7,5 5,0
Dance History 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Musical Drammaturgy 4,5 3,0
History of Art and Design 4,5 3,0
Choreography 1 6,0 4,0
Contemporanea 6,0 4,0
Ballet Technique 1 6,0 4,0
Dance History II 3,0 2,0
Total 30 20

Second Level: Advancement


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Applied Piano I 3,0 2,0
Voice I 4,5 3,0
Choreography 2 4,5 3,0
Musculoskeletal Anathomy 4,5 3,0
Ballet Technique 2 6,0 4,0
Modern Dance Technique 2 4,5 3,0
Partnering 3,0 2,0
Total 30 20



Course UnitECTSU.S.
History of Opera 4,5 3,0
Choreography 3 4,5 3,0
Dance Pedagogy I 3,0 2,0
Nutrition Course 4,5 3,0
Jazz Dance 4,5 3,0
Modern Dance Technique III 4,5 3,0
Theatrical Design and Production 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20


Third Level: Completion


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Language and Art Phylosophy 4,5 3,0
Choreography 4 4,5 3,0
Ballet Technique 3 4,5 3,0
Modern Dance Technique 4 4,5 3,0
History of Ballet 3,0 2,0
Italian Topics Dance 4,5 3,0
Professional Development of PA 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20



Minor 1: Choreography and Stage

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Choreography 5 3,0 2,0
Musical Theatre Techniques 3,0 2,0
Dance in Different Cultures 3,0 2,0
Career Preparation for PA 4,5 3,0
Scenography 4,5 3,0
Stage Direction 4,5 3,0
Recital Capstone Project - Stage PA 7,5 5,0
Total 30 20


Minor 2: Dance Education

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Management of a PA Company 4,5 3,0
Dance in Education 6,0 4,0
Dance Pedagogy II 4,5 3,0
Contemporary Dance 4,5 3,0
Movement and Creative Practices 3,0 2,0
Teaching Capstone Project 7,5 5,0
Total 30 20

The online AEF Certificate Programs Course Curriculum indicates an ideal study plan. The definitive course plan is indicated by the professors, and agreed upon at the beginning of each semester based on the student's individual progress and objectives.

  • Danza 1
  • Danza 2
  • Danza 3


For 25 years now, the Florence Dance Festival has represented a focal point of great importance for international dance in Florence. The events of the Festival have been, and are, still held in the most beautiful spots of the city: the Cascine Park, the Roman Amphitheatre of Fiesole, Piazza SS. Annunziata, the Boboli Gardens, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Forte Belvedere, to name just a few. In its numerous editions, the greatest names in the world of dance have been guests at the Festival: Merce Cunningham, Maurice Béjart, Antonio Gades, José Limon, Carolyn Carlson, Trisha Brown, Igor Mossiev, Cristina Hoyos, David Parsons, Stephen Petronio, Boris Eiffman, Pasquale Rioult, Alessandra Ferri, Julio Bocca, Isabelle Gueren, Laurence Hillaire, Marga Nativo, and Carla Fracci as well as the leading companies worldwide. Since 2009 the Festival has been held in the National Bargello Museum: the privilege of being able to exploit such a magnificent courtyard for the performances offers an incredible opportunity of students of the European Academy of Florence. In fact, during the summer courses they are regularly involved in the productions and the unforgettable experience of holding a performance in a single site. What does it take to become a choreographer? How do you learn to give shape to ideas through movement and music? Our workshop is divided into three parts: dance, choreographic design and the final performance. Through this course, students have a complete experience in choreography under the guidance of an expert teacher acclaimed internationally.

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